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Acquiring ‘Hard-skills’ for securing employment has been the operative paradigm thus far. The entire eco – system comprising students, parents, schools, educational institutions, employers and Government agencies has been finely honed toward the acquisition of ‘Hard – skills’ with the underlying assumption that this automatically guarantees Employment.

‘Soft-skills’ that we prefer to term ‘Life-skills’, were termed ‘desirable’ and certainly not ‘essential’ for servicing the work-force. Consequently, ‘Hard-skills’ have been the main-stay of recruitment, retention and engagement processes of employers.

This paradigm is set to be flipped on its head with the gradual creep of Artificial Intelligence and robotics powered automation that is estimated to render about 20% of the work-force redundant by 2030. As a consequence, ‘Soft-skills’ will be an essential requirement for 63% of jobs by 2030 as traditional ‘Hard-skill’ anchored jobs will either vanish or morph into variants powered by ‘Soft-skills’ that digital technologies cannot yet fathom. ‘Soft-skills’, that should now be termed ‘Life-skills’, given their centrality in the personal & professional life of the future work-force are taking centre-stage.

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Bharti & Sitaram founded TRAINER Collective to address the ‘Life – Skills’ deficit they noticed in their contemporaries and the younger work – force at a time when the spectre of turmoil and uncertainty at the work – place unleashed by AI and robotics powered automation looms large on the horizon.


Bharti Kumaria an MBA in Marketing and Finance and founder of Trainer Collective, she is a Certified NLP and Emotional Intelligence Coach for Corporates and Institutes. Having worked in an MNC like Asian Paints, she carries specialized expertise in the domains of Change management and organizational Development Interventions. She has extensive experience in working with Millennials, C-level managers right through to the front employee of the organization with a focus on Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics. She has also forayed into the world of performing arts by having featured in multiple mediums such film, television and digital. She strongly advocates Self- development of individuals in life and career.

G.R Sitaram has a MBA (Marketing) and a Global MBA (Leadership & Entrepreneurship). In addition, he holds multiple Diplomas in Mass Communication and Labour Laws. He is a Certified Counsellor from TISS and an Authorized Certified Master NLP Practitioner. He is also a Certified Trainer on Youth Aptitude and Soft – Skills. With 25+ years corporate experience with Xerox India, Genius Consultants and MaFoi Randstad in senior positions, he has knowledge, experience and deep insights on business and corporate behavioural dynamics and leverages them to deliver ‘Life – skills’ trainings. He has turned freelancer and has since delivered over 100 days of behavioural and business workshops to a large clientele.


Bharti Kumaria is a graduate in Mass Media & Mass Communication and an MBA in Marketing & Finance. She quit her high-flying corporate job in 2015 to pursue her passion for acting as a full – time career and has since featured in TV shows on prime time, feature films, TV and digital advertisements and short films. A certifies NLP practitioner and a champion for Emotional Intelligence at Workplace ,she strongly advocates personal growth as the biggest investment one can make in their lifetime .


We offer Customized Solutions for Educational Institutions, Corporates, Individuals & Groups.

Our [Life – Skill] inventory, content and content – delivery methodologies are designed to support learning & development needs of the contemporary work – place.





Trainer Collective's

6i Holistic Development Model

Cognitive Intelligence is most frequently addressed as the sole arbiter of professional success and consequently IQ levels have risedn by 25 points in the last decade. Howevenr, EQ levels have fallen by as many points over the same period. Other forms of intelligence are neither acknowledged as a developmental agenda, not measured, nor tracked for variance over time.

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    Rishikesh Sharma

    The communication, presentation lectures that were presented in the last 2 weeks was life-changing. We think we know everything, but honestly, when I started attending their lectures, I realized that there is so much to learn about oneself, and what it means to be a whole person. From EI, to Stress management to Coping Mechanisms, it was a rollercoaster of a ride and one that I would like to attend again.

    Rishikesh Sharma

    Student (EMDI )

    Nenci Patel

    I had a wonderful experience with Bharti Maam and Sita Sir. I am a short-tempered person by nature, hence their sessions were very helpful in helping me develop empathy for other individuals, and groom myself overall from communicating well, to dressing right. It was a wholesome experience and I would love to grow more and learn more.

    Nenci Patel

    Student (EMDI )

    Mr Damodar Tota

    The Emotional Intelligence workshop was very insightful as it was coupled with theory and practical activities, and the entire team has expressed there desire to continue such learnings in the future as it is going to be very useful for the team here.

    Mr Damodar Tota

    VP Farm division (Mahindra )

    Kapil Sharma

    The workshop that Trainer collective conducted with us was really really good. The best part is that it is very interactive, two-way communication between participants and the trainers, mixed with a lot of practical exercises which gives us an insight about the subject which I believe s very helpful for the contemporary employee today.

    Kapil Sharma

    Zonal Head (Tally Solutions )

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